**WELCOME** To The “Newsfeed”… Click here for our notifications post: [:(#||#):]

If you are a researcher or fellow reporter, then Endnote is the best browser extension tool you’ll ever have until Quantum ai supra-intelligence is in everyday pc’s. Click the link below and start having your skullduggery results be at top the headlines. Be the name your political rivals want to censor at all costs with Endnote! It’s Free but also has membership advantage package(s):


Don’t forget about our archives if you have missed something. We operate under the sheer pleasure it brings us to deliver media and to stand up for the right to freedom of speech and expression. Please donate any amount to Mr. Mission Control’s PayPal to help us expand, maintaining a presence on the internet is not free and it takes up more and more time to find all the news everyday as we try to keep the feed going 24/7. We hold the line for your news curiosities day and night… throw us a bone once a month. This site can be much much better with an business or professional subscription to WordPress. And that costs money we don’t have here currently at the Dawg Pound because there are only four of us here, two of us all the time unless we are sleeping and two others that contribute to the madness. A retired veteran of the Persian Gulf Wars and Desert Storm, A freelance homesteader, an natal chart astrologer using his wits to get by in this world, and me… I’m physically and mentally disabled and probably won’t ever hold down a real job again, I’m an ex flooring installation specialist and a food preparation engineer. Please help us grow. Thank you, the link is below. ~Mr. Mission Control~


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